Geek Like Me

Things about which I am geekish (by which I mean I will watch/read anything that involves them and could edit Wikipedia entries on them) are not limited to:

sci-fi/fantasy, dragons (duh), Elizabethan history, Disney, Shakespeare, Laura Ingalls Wilder, classic rock/metal, 90s-to-mid-2000s alt rock, cookie recipes, hockey, the Ottoman Empire, British comedies and scrapbooking.

Yes, scrapbooking. One of my geek friends called the other day and interrupted her soliloquy on “The Walking Dead” (she could tell I wasn’t listening, thus it was a soliloquy) to ask what I was doing. “Scrapbooking my Disney trip pics,” I answered. She snorted and said, “You’re like the most sarcastic person I know, you’re over-read and a total geek and then on the other hand, you’re like this archetypal stay-at-home mom who scrapbooks.” I agreed that I scrapbook; I love pictures from life events (mine and others) and I like seeing them in albums with embellishments and glitter letters. I just listen to Pantera or Alice in Chains while I do it. (Nothing eases the neck stiffening tension of painstakingly gluing tiny gem centers into one centimeter tissue-paper flowers like listening to “Angry Chair” while you do it.) Continue reading

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Demystifying my Feminine Mystique

There are a few provisos, a couple of quid pro quo, about reading this blog: I am not the sort of person who offers tips and expects them to be followed to the letter, or even given credence at all. I’m all about individuality and perspective, very free to be you and me. What works for me won’t necessarily work for you, and should anything I write make you think, “Well, that was asinine,” the most huff I’ll give you in return is an artless shrug. Continue reading

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A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes

We are a Disney family. Eddie and I grew up on “The Wonderful World of Disney,” we had Disney songs in our wedding and our son Jonah discovered “The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” as soon as he could sit unassisted in front of the TV. Choosing Walt Disney World as the destination for our 20th wedding anniversary vacation was an obvious choice. Continue reading

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Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out!

One word: boobs.

From a writing standpoint, the canny thing to do is capitalize on an opening like that and not lose momentum (and your readers). However, I realized after my first blog post that I was opening this up to readers beyond the followers of my Facebook and Live Journal and should probably introduce myself. My name is Suzanne or Sue (Ms. Jackson if you’re Nasty) and I live in Oklahoma. I majored in English, procrastinated at writing, and I married an amazing guy who has gleefully (yes, gleefully!) read every word I have ever written as it was being written and offered glowing critiques even if they were just, “You know, babe, what really made that paragraph sing was your understanding of the proper usages of ‘which’ and ‘that.'” Together we have a three-year-old son and a house full of geek.

I should also note that I began this blog three days before we leave for a Disney vacation and that this will therefore be the last entry for a week or so. Those of you who know me well are saying yes, yes, we know all of this, you’ve reminded us daily that you’re going to see the Mouse, now, I believe you were saying something about boobs?

Little something for the ladies. Continue reading

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Hey Hey What Can I Do

Hey! Welcome to my first blog post. If you’re here, you either a) totally love me; b) clicked the wrong Facebook link trying to re-post a George Takei pic or c) want to know if the rumors of my culinary supremacy are true, or merely just rumors I started myself in some of sick, narcissistic game of Telephone. (Although if it were Telephone, rather than culinary supremacy,  you probably heard ‘pulmonary sorcery’ and I kinda like how your brain works.)

This is primarily a food and recipes blog, so each blog entry, regardless of topic, will include a recipe I have vetted myself, just to keep things honest. I have an esoteric, highly referential writing style (I joke not when I call myself a geek) and while I won’t be dropping F-bombs — since I don’t find it necessary to describe an onion tartlet as ‘effing ace’ — I can be bawdy and irreverent and possibly not everyone’s cup of tea in the topics I choose to address. What topics you ask? I dunno, how ’bout the power of a perfectly fitted, comfortable yet supportive strapless bra for the D+ cup set? That do anything for ya? That’s levitation, holmes! (Gratuitous Tenacious D, see above ‘highly referential’).

So basically the plan was to compel readers with promises of healthy, easy to prepare whole foods (along with food porn of said prepared foods) in a blatant attempt to get people to read my quirky, self-referential ramblings. (That’s telekinesis, Kyle!)

And now, what you came for.

Continue reading

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